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"Dreamers never fall asleep" Andrea Meli

Andrea Meli is the designer: his job is to create emotions. Andrea Meli deals with brands and a few and selected private clients: bon vivant and dandies, able to satisfy the highest and most sophisticated target of the interior, jewellery and fashion lifestyle sectors. Andrea Meli specialises in the study and creation of the most exclusive collections, often unique pieces. Over time Andrea Meli has collaborated with the most prestigious brands, the most demanding personalities in the pursuit of perfection. Over time Andrea Meli has built a path that has become part of the most prestigious collections. The creations thus become a timeless style icon and therefore a real reason for cultural and financial investment.

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"Beauty will not save the world. Beauty will only make the world die of envy" Andrea Meli

Let's play hide and seek

Andrea Meli is convinced that the greatness of a designer lies in knowing how to bring out the most intimate and majestic personality. It doesn't matter if it's for Brand or person. For this reason, over time Andrea Meli has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most prestigious luxury brands, and the highest, extroverted, exhibitionist, real bon vivant, who want to represent their history, the present and the future. Clients who want to communicate with sincerity and sustainability who they are and what added value they want to make available to those who have the privilege of experiencing them. To do this, the designer must know how to hide and almost disappear-to bring out the true protagonist of his work in all his magnificence.

This Andrea Meli strives to do at every opportunity

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